7-Day Sets



In this gallery, you'll find photos of a special project I completed for a collector from 2013-2015. It consists of one 7-Day Set of extraordinary sandblasts, one 7-Day Set of Hoplites, and one 7-Day Set of Phalanx-Q's.

It is musically themed, and includes a 3-legged Corner Cabinet (externals by J. Scott Tinker, and all internal work by myself), a Gramophone (circa 1924) and Turntable, as well as a hand-built Guitar (started by Grant Batson, and completed by Scott Tinker and myself) with an integrated cigar humidor, integrated pipe-tobacco humidor (Scott Tinker), and custom stand (Scott Tinker). 

Materials include Waterfall Bubinga, Quilted Maple, Holly, Ebony, Brass, Deerskin, Calfskin, and pre-embargo Elephant Ivory (legal at the time). These sets are in a single private collection in the United States.

Photography by Eric Brown.